Our philosophy on youth athletic development.

Our mission is to provide young athletes, with the information and resources they need to build healthier, more resilient bodies. By focusing less on “sports-specific” training and instead striving for more balanced athletic development, our primary objective is to help athletes avoid falling victim to the numerous overuse injuries that currently plague youth sports. Through a comprehensive approach that highlights the correction of postural and strength imbalances, improving movement efficiency and greater nutritional awareness, athletes who train with us will not only enhance their performance- but they’ll do so as a result of developing a stronger overall conditioning B.A.S.E.

Our three key tenets are:

Education: Teaching athletes good exercise and nutritional habits they can carry with them for life.

Integration: Training the body as a “movement machine”, instead of a bunch of unrelated muscle groups.  

Regeneration: Emphasizing the importance of recovery as means to improving overall health and well being.

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