B.A.S.E. Sports Conditioning – Testimonials

Read what people are saying about Mike Mejia and the B.A.S.E. approach to youth sports conditioning:

Whether it’s fitness advice for kids or for adults, there’s no one I trust more than Mike Mejia. Mike’s expertise and passion for kids’ fitness is unsurpassed. He’s truly a difference maker in the field of children’s health”.

Adam Campbell

Director, Men’s Health Magazine

Vice President, FitSchools Foundation

“I know I can count on Mike Mejia to provide our readers up-to-date, reliable information on strength and conditioning techniques targeted specifically for young swimmers. But his workouts and training techniques are not just about getting swimmers to swim fast. I find that Mike has a genuine concern for the long-term health, well being and physical development of young athletes”.

Jim Rusnak

Editor-in-Chief, Splash Magazine

Finding good fitness and strength training content for our ILGear.com audience in its first year of existence was not easy. Thankfully, we connected with Mike Mejia, who has been a leading producer of this type of material. Mike has not only been creative and dependable in his contributions to ILGear.com, but he’s also displayed an amazing ability to effectively convey fitness and strength training content — which is oftentimes complex — to a diverse audience, with a range of needs as athletes.

Mike’s writing and insight has been invaluable to our efforts here at Inside Lacrosse to transform ILGear.com into the premiere source of news, gear, lifestyle, instruction, and fitness and strength training content for today’s lacrosse player. We’re lucky to have connected with someone who is able to consistently turn his expertise into interesting and incredibly helpful written and video content.”

Casey Vock

Editor, Inside Lacrosse and IL Gear.com

“As swim coaches for over 28 years, we felt our Strength and Conditioning Program, which was under the direction of the coaching staff, needed to hire a professional trainer. In doing so, our coaching staff could devote more time and energy to the workouts in the pool. Only one issue: who do we ”TRUST” to do just that.

Mike started training the men and women on our Elite Team two years ago and the results have been ”phenomenal”. Under Mike’s direction the Strength and Conditioning Program has been taken to the next level. Mike’s professionalism, knowledge, and most of all enthusiasim working with young adults is unmatched. Mike’s workouts are always diversified and extremely challenging. His #1 concern is keeping our athletes injury free.
We look forward to working with Mike for many years”!
John Pisano & Frank DeGrazia
Co-Head Coaches
Team Suffolk Swim Team

“As a mother and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, specializing in injury prevention, it is critical that my children perform to the best of their athletic ability without compromising their physical well being. I look for strength and conditioning programs that improve athletic performance, while also concentrating on the overall physical condition of the child over their lifetime.
Someone once told me  “practice makes permanent.”  Mike’s insistence upon proper technique is the cornerstone of his program setting him apart from all the others. He has the unique ability to adapt his student workouts on the fly. Whether that means holding a child back to prevent, or minimize an injury, or immediate modification of the program to correct an imbalance, Mike has a can do approach”.

Dr. Susan Katz

Suffolk County Safe Kids Coordinator

Mother of two based trained athletes

“Mike Mejia is not just knowledgeable about his field.  His strength is being able to explain all facets of the content, and making it accessible to kids and adults at every age and ability level. His work has been very well received by our audience and has provided a great boost to our site.”

Ken Ilchuk

Director of Web Services

Long Island Junior Soccer League

“As a physical therapist and owner of my own private practice, I try to instill fundamentally sound exercise programs to complement my sons daily swimming workouts. When I first met Mike, I was impressed with his approach to training young athletes. He is very concerned with proper technique as the building block for a successful program. Not only does Mike understand the unique needs of a swimmer, he takes it further to develop the entire athlete to fulfill his, or her greatest potential.

My son was born with weakness on one side of his body and the training sessions he undergoes with Mike have made a remarkable improvement in his strength and flexibility. He is extremely enthusiastic about his workouts, which are always varied and challenging. I also feel very comfortable knowing that my son will always have to demonstrate proper form before he can progress. As a professional, I strive to keep my patients injury free and that is also a top priority at B.A.S.E..  My son looks forward to many years of training with Mike.”

Stephen Cowden, PT

President, Physical Therapy & Sports Services, P.C.

“Since starting to train with Mike about seven years ago, I have become a much better hockey player. I feel healthier off the ice, and I feel more confident on it, knowing that he’s helped me do everything I can to be the best athlete I can be. Without Mike’s help, I wouldn’t be the player I am today”.

Jeremy, age 21

Division III Hockey Player

B.A.S.E. client since 2003

“Over the years I’ve worked with Mike I’ve developed not only as a hockey player, but  as a more complete athlete. His  experience and attention to detail have made me stronger, faster and given me much more  endurance. I owe a lot of my progress to  Mike and the  B.A.S.E. approach”.

Danny, age 19

Division I Hockey Player

B.A.S.E. client since 2005

“Working with Mike has helped me to become the best athlete I can be. He has helped me to get the absolute most out of my body, allowing me to become a better hockey player every year that I work with him. Thanks to Mike, I have no regrets about my training and I never have to ask myself the question “What if I had trained another way?”; because I know that he is training me better than anyone else could.”

Aaron, age 19

Division III Hockey Player

B.A.S.E. client since 2003

“I started working with Mike after an injury that kept me from playing USTA tennis tournaments for 3 months. Mike’s stretching and strengthening has helped me play injury free for 2 years now. He has helped me with conditioning, footwork, quickness and endurance. All very important skills for a tennis player. His knowledge and experience have elevated my athletic abilities and have gone beyond the tennis court. I have compiled my best record since starting playing in the juniors. Thanks Mike!”

Eric, age 18

Division I Tennis Player

B.A.S.E. client since 2007

“This program has not just helped me physically, but also mentally.  Mike always listens to what I need help with pertaining to my game and adjusts the training accordingly.  He has taught me how to discipline myself to workout during the week. We also discuss my diet and the importance of proper nutrition. Mike has definitely inspired me to eat better and be aware of the impact that my diet has on both health and performance”.

Ryan, age 19

Division I Tennis Player

B.A.S.E. client since 2005

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