B.A.S.E. Sports Conditioning – Services

The following services are available on site at your home, or training facility, throughout the Long Island area. Please contact us for a complete rate schedule.

  • Private Training: One on one training with an emphasis on detecting and subsequently addressing any weak links and postural imbalances that are limiting an athlete’s ability to perform at optimal levels. After an initial assessment, Mike will tailor your training to meet your individual needs. All sessions run approximately one hour in length.
  • Semi-Private Training: For groups of 2-4 athletes at a time. Athletes need to be of comparable age and physical ability. Sessions run one hour in length.
  • Team Training: Complete team training geared towards instilling the B.A.S.E. principles into your conditioning format. Heavy emphasis is placed on proper team warm-up protocols, as well as implementing effective strategies for strength training in large groups. Sessions run 60-90 minutes.
  • Camps and Clinics: Available to both schools and youth sports organizations. These can be either single, or multiple day events and are offered for speed/ agility, injury prevention and strength training. Sessions vary in duration depending on the topic being covered.
  • Consultation/ Program Design: For those who can’t get ┬áto see Mike on a regular basis, he offers consultations both in person and over the phone. After an initial assessment, or submitting a complete injury history and list of training goals, he will draw up a 6-week program tailored towards your specific needs.
  • Speaking Engagements: Mike is also available for presentations on a wide array of topics pertaining to youth sports conditioning. These discussions can be geared towards coaches, parents, or athletes and run the gamut from the dangers of early specialization, to gender differences and their impact on program design, to performance nutrition for the young athlete.

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