B.A.S.E. Sports Conditioning – B.A.S.E.'s New Facility

Announcing B.A.S.E. Sports Conditioning’s new partnership with

Frozen Ropes Baseball/ Softball Instructional School!


40 Yard track surface

2 Vertimax Explosive Power Trainers

3 Olympic lifting platforms with squat racks

Large adjustable turf surface suitable for group/ team training.

Extensive free weight section including dumbbells up to 125 lbs.

2 Adjustable Cable stations perfect for loading functional movement patterns

Plus: Unparalleled instruction and program design from one of the

 industry’s top coaches!

 We offer a full line of sports performance & injury prevention training services

suitable for athletes of all ages and ability levels!

Youth Fitness and Sports Performance

Program Descriptions

1st B.A.S.E (7-10 year olds): Specifically designed to meet the conditioning needs of young children, these comprehensive classes will focus on the development of movement skills, by using fitness “games” designed to improve balance, coordination, systemic strength and reaction time. Smaller class sizes (5-8 participants) ensure an optimal learning environment. A great way for kids to increase overall athleticism and confidence for sports. (45 minutes)

2nd B.A.S.E. (11-14 year olds): A more structured approach to sports performance training, that still places a heavy emphasis on improving movement efficiency and injury resistance. Classes will incorporate various aspects of speed and agility training, basic strengthening exercises and introductory plyometric drills; all in a way that prioritizes flexibility and mobility to help kids combat the dramatic growth spurts typical of this age range. (60 minutes)

3rd B.A.S.E. (15-18 year olds): Catering to more physically mature athletes, these sessions will delve deeper into proper running and change of direction mechanics, as well as offer more challenging strength and power exercises. Geared towards both competitive athletes and those looking to get into better physical condition, these intensive, total body workouts offer teens a great way to improve athletic performance, stamina and body composition. (60 minutes)

The Varsity Program: Our signature sports performance class designed with the elite level athlete in mind. Open to high school aged students who are seeking a clear edge over their competitors, classes will incorporate advanced speed and agility techniques, plyometrics, Olympic lifting, soft tissue work, integrated strengthening drills, flexibility/ mobility enhancement and nutritional coaching. Available in one on one, semi-private and small group settings. (60-75 minutes)

Team Training: Offered in groups ranging from as few as six, to up to more than twenty athletes at a time, these intensive team conditioning sessions offer the perfect way to help get your athletes to the next level! Using an innovative combination of performance based training, proven injury prevention techniques and a constant focus on educating both athletes and coaches alike, the B.A.S.E. approach to team conditioning promises to be unlike anything you’ve experienced before! Your athletes will build speed, strength and stamina; all while learning about the importance of taking care of their bodies both on and off the field. (60-75 minutes)

Regardless of what sport(s) you play…B.A.S.E. has got you covered! 

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