B.A.S.E. Sports Conditioning – A whole new approach to athletic conditioning!

Problem: Over 2 million youth sports injuries occur each year, with nearly half being attributed to overuse.

Solution: Increase your resistance to injury for ALL sports by building the ultimate conditioning BASE!

With BASE Training: Injury Prevention for Young Athletes, kids age 10-18 now have a safe and effective way to exercise to help build an injury-proof body. The first DVD of its kind specifically geared to meet the needs of today’s competitive young athlete, this comprehensive 2 Disc set contains all of the drills and information kids needs to stay healthy and perform at their best! Using the BASE Training approach, you’ll spend less time nursing chronic injuries and more time dominating your competition!

Order Now and you’ll gain access to:

  •  Over 100 different exercises and stretches geared towards injury prevention!
  •   2 “real-time” dynamic warm-up protocols suitable for athletes age 10-13 and 14-18.
  •   Complete 4 step Do-it-yourself physical assessment.
  •   6 different workout plans divided according to age, gender and physical ability– with even               more options available on this website!
  •   Exercise menus that allow you to target drills designed to strengthen specific areas of


  •   3 full hours of expert instruction from one of the top coaches in the industry!
  •   A complete guide to foam rolling: What it is. How it’s done. And why it’s your secret weapon for

      both performance and health!

  •   The Posture Principles: Why posture plays such a crucial role in injury prevention and

       what you can do to improve yours.

The fact is, young athletes are spending more time practicing and competing than ever before. As a result, they’re continually engaging in the same repetitive movement patterns on a daily basis. This might be great for building skill, but it can wreak havoc on developing young bodies! By following the programs and training principles laid out in BASE Training: Injury Prevention for Young Athletes, you can still practice with your team, while at the same time helping to offset the heavy toll that hours and hours of intensive sports participation can take.

Learn from One of the Best!

Join renowned strength and conditioning specialist Mike Mejia as he guides you through the proper execution of an unprecedented number of exercises and stretches for young athletes of all ages and ability levels. A featured contributor to such nationally recognized publications as Men’s Health and Splash Magazine (the official publication of USA Swimming), as well as the national STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) campaign, Mike also regularly provides articles and video presentations on injury prevention for USA Swimming, Ultimate Athlete Magazine, and The Long Island Junior Soccer League.

More than just a great workout!

BASE Training: Injury Prevention for Young Athletes not only shows you the right way to keep your body “fit” for sports, but more importantly, it will help you develop an appreciation for all the different factors that contribute to making that happen. In addition to such tangible benefits as increasing your core strength and improving range of motion you’ll also learn why:

  • Younger athletes (age 10-13) are developmentally different than older kids and should not do the same types of workouts!
  • Static stretches are not a viable warm-up strategy and should be completely avoided by athletes of a specific age range.
  • Girls are more susceptible to certain injuries (specifically ACL tears) and need to train differently than boys.
  • Things like foam rolling, improving mobility and better postural awareness can have a HUGE impact on your results!

And the best part is: none of this has to take up a too much of your time! What if I were to tell you that under an hour per day on workout days and under 15 minutes per day the rest of the week, could make you a better, stronger, faster and more injury-proof athlete? Would you be interested? All it takes is:

    •    2- 4 workouts per week lasting anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes each.
    •    5-10 minutes of targeted flexibility work per day.
    •    5-7 minutes of foam rolling.
    •    and as much conscious attention you can give to your posture throughout the day.

To gain access to this kind of information on your own, you’d have to search for endless hours on the internet, invest in several different DVDs, or incur the high cost of ongoing sessions with a private trainer. Instead, you get: 3 full hours of expert instruction featuring: age and gender specific workouts, exercise menus that allow you to target areas that are especially prone to injury, a do-it-yourself physical assessment to help determine your current physical ability, stretches and mobilization drills designed to improve range of motion, simple anywhere/ anytime exercises to help improve poor posture, a Q & A to answer frequently asked questions, an online support forum and much, much more!

All for just $49.99

 Don’t wait! Start building your injury-proof body by ordering today!

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