About strength and conditioning specialist Mike Mejia

Strength and Conditioning Specialist Mike Mejia has been perfecting the B.A.S.E. system for well over a decade. Drawing from his Masters level education in Exercise Science, as well as certifications with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Youth Conditioning Association, Mike has developed an approach to youth athletic development that is truly unique.

By focusing on the specific needs of the athlete, rather than the demands of the sport that he, or she plays, Mike is able to help his students achieve a true appreciation for what it takes to keep their bodies healthy, fit and injury free.

In addition to having worked with hundreds of athletes in sports such as ice-hockey, swimming, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, figure skating, softball, basketball and football, Mike is also an accomplished freelance writer, with over one hundred published articles to date. A frequent contributor and training advisor to Men’s Health magazine, Mike’s work is currently prominently featured on USA Swimming.org and the national STOP Sports Injuries¬†campaign’s official blog. He also serves as a regular columnist for The Long Island Junior Soccer League, Ultimate Athlete magazine, Inside Lacrosse, Inside Lacrosse Women and Splash magazine (the official publication of USA Swimming). The author of several successful books on strength training, his most notable titles include “The Men’s Health Better Body Blueprint“, “The Home Workout Bible” and “Scrawny to Brawny”. Most recently, Mike has just released his first DVD entitled

BASE Training: Injury Prevention for Young Athletes.

He also currently serves as the dryland conditioning coach for the Half Hollow Hills Swim Club and the off-ice conditioning coach for the Long Island Royals Junior Hockey Team.

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